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Filling above 10 million in Fafe’s Rally2 Park

This edition of the Rally Serras de Fafe, Felgueiras, Boticas, Vieira do Minho and Cabeceiras de Basto Closed Park, the first race of the Portugal Rallies Championship and also of the FIA-ERC (European Championship), has a filling value that exceeds 10 million euros, if we meet the exceptional list of participants, only with regard to Rally2.

With no less than 44 Rally2 (RC2), between Skoda Fabia, Hyundai i20, Citroen C3 and Ford Fiesta, and for an average and minimum value of 220,000 euros per unit – Rally2’s price is “controlled” by FIA, in order to avoid escalating costs – we have reached the total amount of 9,680 million euros. However, to this amount, it is logically necessary to add the consumable material that each team has for a two-day race.

In the scale of value and competitiveness of the rallies, the Rally2’s are the second type of vehicles in the hierarchy of the FIA (International Automobile Federation), only surpassed by the Rally1 hybrids (Ford, Hyundai and Toyota), which are the “stars” of the World Rally Championship (WRC). The estimated value of each of these “machines” is, imagine, 1 million euros, an amount that still falls short to the electric TT vehicle that Audi debuted this year in Dakar: 4 million!

In absolute terms, it is clear that the filling of the vehicles of the closed park of this first rally of the season reaches values much above, even of, 20 million, including, of course, the other vehicles on the list of participants, such as the RC3, RC4 and RC5.